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The market is saturated with DJs, so why would a consumer select you? The first thing that it's a must to perceive is that folks do business with people. Most DJ businesses get a majority of their business by referrals also called word-of-mouth marketing. If you're speaking to a shopper, this means someone (often a good friend, family member, or someone that has seen you perform) probably referred them to you. This additionally signifies that the client will most probably consider your companies earlier than anybody else. While you could have the advantage of a referral, you'll nonetheless want to meet the purchasers leisure visions and budgetary requirements. Most shoppers are at all times in search of the very best deal along with the perfect service. Is that you simply? Your primary purpose is to first paint a picture, and fear about prices later.

The shopper doesn't care in regards to the features of your DJ company. They do not care that you've got high powered 15" speakers and a subwoofer. They do not care that you can set up a music system using an iPod and a speaker for cocktail hour. In addition they really don't care about your 30,000 tune hard drive. All they really care about is that their visitors have an ideal time. Most shoppers just wish to host an incredible party and are listening so that you can say "through the use of us/me, your visitors are going to have a tremendous time". Isn't that the objective. They're also in search of consolation in the planning process.

Planning a party isn't easy. Hiring a DJ is certainly one of many tasks and clients want peace of mind. They need you to inform them that you will make this easy for them. How are you going to make the process stress free for YOU and the CLIENT? Offer them planning tools. It is best to have planning varieties on-line or offline where they can provide the essential occasion information. After you tell them about your planning system, watch their reaction. This ought to deliver you one step nearer to the sale.

My suggestion is to register with an online event planning netsite like "DJ Occasion Planner". Clients have entry to their planning account online 24/7 and can enter any vital information, activities, and even select music. Registering with an internet occasion planner will make you are feeling more assured and seem more skilled to clients. If you provide this service, shoppers can be most impressed. As soon as you have painted the picture, guided them by their imaginative and prescient, and offered them peace of thoughts with a planning system, it is time to tell them your prices.

You should all the time give them a number of pricing options from which to choose. Some common examples of packages are: 1. Basic Wedding ceremony Bundle (DJ/MC 2 Speakers)
2. Silver wedding bundle (DJ/MC 2 speakers and subwoofer)
3. Gold Wedding Package (Top DJ List, separate MC, 2 speakers, subwoofer, lights)
4. Platinum Wedding ceremony Bundle (DJ, separate MC, 2 speakers, subwoofer, lights, cocktail hour included)

I am unable to provide you with an idea of Marriage ceremony DJ prices because I do not know your particular market. In the NJ/NY space a REPUTABLE DJ may cost between $one thousand and $2000. Costs in different states and provinces would vary depending on the demographics. In case you really need to know, contact some DJ's in your space and ask their prices. Why a lot? you might ask. Why a lot? The client might ask.

Planning for a wedding is far more concerned than just pushing play on iTunes at a house party. Your shoppers are paying for professionalism, your planning time, your experience, and for you to truly perform on the event. Don't ever below promote yourself. I do know somebody who gave a break to a consumer for a marriage last yr and when it was over, It was't worth the cash compared to the amount of time spent on the planning. You must all the time hold your costs higher after which come down if you wish to give them a discount. If your prices are too low, you will wind up losing money and getting frustrated within the process. In case your prices are STILL too high, even after a reduction, thank your client for their time and give them your card.
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